Presentation of the thesis

Presentation of the thesis

In the process of preparing for the thesis defense, great attention should be paid to the distributing (tables, figures, diagrams, diagrams) and visual informative and illustrative presentation of the thesis work. It should be remembered that such material should be closely linked with the text of the thesis. Communication is provided by the presence in the text of the work of the same schemes, tables and references to them. Each slide presentation should have a corresponding title, which displays the full information of this slide.

The structure of the presentation may look like this:

  • Title page (names of educational institution, faculty / institute, department, words: “Illustrative material for graduation work”, the topic of work, author and supervisor, year of writing)
  • Relevance and practical value of the topic
  • Purpose, object and subject of study
  • Research objectives

Slides numbered 5 and following are the issues to be defended. Here the student places the images, charts, models, charts, graphs, tables and other illustrative and informational materials that are contained in the thesis work. In the two final slides you need to list the results and conclusions of the work, and also thank you for your attention and put a message that the report is over.

General guidelines for the design of slides: avoid bright colors; selections in the text should be contrasted and determined by necessity; style should be the same for all presentation slides. You also need to avoid large text inserts. Each table and illustration must necessarily be mentioned in the report to the work and have explanatory information. In the presentation should not be information that is not used in the report. It is also recommended after the final slide to have additional slides with attachments in order to be ready to answer questions of the commission during the defense.


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