Thesis writing guide

Thesis writing guide

Not enough time to write a time-consuming and demanding long-term thesis? Tired of constantly thinking about the upcoming terms of protection? Not sure where to get the information or choose the right book? The answer to this is simple: contact us.

No one wants to spend his free time writing a thesis, or even more so when you have very little of it. We know how difficult it can be for you to engage in such an event, and therefore we suggest that you devote more time to preparing and studying your own graduate thesis.

Master’s or bachelor’s work?

Making out the order of the thesis in the Scientific Center, you can be sure that everything will be done within the deadlines that are specified in the order form. Proof of this is printing. In general, the writing of the thesis begins after placing the order and making a prepayment. The terms that can be expected directly depend on the complexity of the topic and the availability of materials in both paid and free resources. The cost of the thesis to order depends on the specifics of the topic, the university, the requirements and the number of pages. To write a thesis, we use only high-quality literature, while not copying information from the Internet. Of course, information from open sources is partially used (electronic articles or textbooks), but more are libraries and paid resources. With this we guarantee you a successful delivery, which is confirmed by tests for plagiarism, where the results always range from 70% * (% of plagiarism is negotiated when ordering work and specifying the program in which the verification of authorship takes place).

If you buy a thesis and go directly to the defense, you can get a denial of admission. In addition to the fact that it is important to consult with the teacher about the thesis in order to make the correct adjustments and corrections, it is still important to have time to do everything before the defense. Typically, diploma edits are from 2 to 10 times. It all depends on the rigor and exactingness of the supervisor. There are cases when work is missed on pre-defense and after the first check and a few remarks. In this case, you need to focus on preparing for protection.

For example, a thesis on the topic of economics includes the process of drafting a speech for defense. It is also important to prepare an illustrative material or handout, as well as a presentation. The text of the report on protection includes a brief description of the problem and its solutions. So, for a diploma in an enterprise, the problem may be its uncertain strategy, and you, as a specialist, have to prove to the commission that your recommendations will be effective for solving the tasks set. The handout must include graphic and tabular material, and then print copies in sufficient quantities for the commission. The presentation can include information from the handout, as well as add another. For example, very often add a different kind of video.

If you order a thesis, then always on our website you can additionally purchase a report on protection, handouts (illustrative) and presentation. All this is printed immediately after the final sample has been agreed. On defense in front of a commission, it is important to prepare very well and know your material. Direct reading from a sheet during the defense is not welcome, since it does not “decorate” you as a future specialist. From practice and experience it can be said that reading is even worse than just telling what you know about your project. When reporting without reading from a sheet, it is important to have on hand an auxiliary “cheat sheet”, where you can indicate by points as a “guideline” what you should talk about in defense. As a result, the commission will take into account not only your knowledge on defense, but also on how presentable the material was presented. You can also order a thesis without a handout, or buy a thesis already prepared.


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